Existing Reviews For: 2017 Section W-3N Conclave

Reviewer: Ryan Thomure
Review: Conclave is quite simply, the best event ever. I attended my first conclave in 2014, in fact, it was one of the first Order of the Arrow events I participated in. I remember showing up and setting up my tent Friday night, both curious and anxious of the weekend to come. I experienced dunk tanks, met people from other lodges, and launched watermelons with a giant catapult! It was a weekend I will never forget. Conclave gave me my first true insight into what the Order of the Arrow is and provided me with countless opportunities and now I want to do my best to make sure your experience is better than mine! We have some incredible activities planned this year and I dare say that this year's conclave will be one of the best in our section's history! See you there!!!